Monday, May 02, 2005

Canada's Pathetic African Policy - Take a Pill, Africa!

May 2, 2005.
Thomas Walkom
Africa still awaits Canadian drugs - not a single pill exported, doctors say

Legislation was passed year ago


OTTAWA—Almost a year after Canada won global praise for passing legislation to provide cheap drugs for poor countries, the law hasn't resulted in a single pill being exported.

Government officials say the Jean Chrétien Pledge to Africa Act has been stalled by technicalities. Critics say it is fatally flawed and will never have any real impact.

"We're still in a waiting game," said Tony Parmar of Doctors Without Borders, which had hoped the bill would be a lifeline for countries devastated by AIDS, malaria and other treatable diseases.

"The conclusion we can draw is that one year later, not a single drug has been exported," Parmar said. "We're hopeful we can do that in the future but there's no guarantees at this point. To be honest, there hasn't been a whole lot of interest for the generic drug makers to use this legislation."

Read the whole thing [here].

This reminds me in a painful, shameful way of the breathless manner in which PM Dithers announced Canada would help the tsunamai victims. Two weeks later our "emergency team" were still packing their underwear while the US and Aussie's were on the ground saving lives.


At 6:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah this is pretty pathetic. But look at the other options. With the tsunami for example - Harper would have said that helping the tsunami victims would be one step away from polygamy, and then he would take it up the ass from a corporation. Layton would have made love to the victims to show off his knowledge of kama sutra, and the French guy would steal Quebec from us.

Ultimately, we are doomed.

At 9:59 PM, Anonymous Mr. Creosote said...

Left unsaid here, no surprise, is that Bush has forked over billions in aid to Africa to help fight AIDS. Clinton, like Chretien and Martin, talked a good game but never got around to delivering the goods. And yet, C&C got lots of credit for their good intentions whereas Bush gets none for actually following through.


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