Saturday, April 30, 2005

Canadian and German Spy Justice vs. Islam

Confidential German sub plans offered to covert Mountie in coffee shop

JIM BRONSKILL Sat Apr 30, 9:30 AM ET

(CP) - The military confidences of a European country were peddled to an enigmatic man posing as a Chinese agent in a most unlikely setting: a tranquil southern Ontario coffee shop.

An RCMP officer assuming the role of a Chinese spy nabbed a Toronto-area woman when she agreed to sell him pages from a German submarine manual, The Canadian Press has learned.

The remarkable meeting in the neighbourhood cafe was part of an elaborate sting operation that turned Michaela Gile's life upside down and led to her eventual conviction in Germany for attempted treason.

It also shattered any faith Gile and her husband had in the Canadian justice system.

The eye-opening case also sheds some rare light on the undercover activities of the RCMP's secretive national security division.

The international espionage saga began in 2003 when Gile, a German-born translator, had a payment dispute about her work on a confidential manual for the weapons system of the U-212A submarine, equipped with six torpedo tubes.

Designed in Germany, the advanced vessel is renowned for a quiet propulsion system powered by hydrogen fuel cells that helps it elude enemy subs.

--- Ed - Shattered her husband's faith in the justice system? Wah? ---

... But the caller was persistent, saying he was just around the corner. He told her to look for an Asian man in a suit at a nearby coffee shop.

Gile agreed.

Incredibly, the agent who met her was sporting the red, yellow and blue of the RCMP on both his tie clip and wristwatch, Gile recalls. She would recognize them as the Mountie colours only much later, after she had been arrested, when she spotted them on a sign.

At one point, the undercover officer, apparently noticing the gaffe, tugged his sleeve over his watch. ..

--- Ed - can you imagine more inept security work than wearing the RCMP colours? ---

...Gile spent a difficult Sunday night behind bars. At a bail hearing the next day Crown lawyer Ruthanne Bowker confirmed that an undercover Mountie had met her at the coffee house.

Meanwhile once back in Germany...

...Gile spent weeks in a small cell with three other women at a prison in the western city of Koblenz... Gile received a suspended sentence of one year, meaning she would not have to serve any more jail time...

Read the whole thing [here].

And Now for Something Completely Different:

Yemen: Young mother faces execution for crime committed when 16

A 21-year-old woman, the mother of a toddler, reportedly faces execution on Monday (2 May) in Yemen, despite being only 16 when the death sentence was passed, said Amnesty International today. The Yemeni Penal Code expressly prohibits the execution of anyone convicted of crimes committed when they were under 18. She had reportedly been tortured to force her to confess, and has since maintained her innocence.

Amina Ali Abduladif only escaped the firing squad in 2002 because the executioners noticed she was pregnant, according to reports from her lawyer.

She was reportedly raped by one of the guards at al-Mahaweet prison. As a result she gave birth to a child, who is with her in Sana'a Women Central prison and is now very nearly two years old.

Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen said:

"We have only four days to stop the execution of Amina. I hope the people and government of the UK will join Amnesty in its campaign to prevent this unnecessary death.

"Amina was only sixteen when her husband was killed. She maintains that she is innocent and that her confession was tortured out of her.

If you want to fight with one hand time behind your back, the outcome is predictable.


At 10:12 AM, Blogger John B said...

Re: "Ed - can you imagine more inept security work than wearing the RCMP colours? ---

Well, he could have worn his stetson and parked his horse outside. Must have been one of the guys investigating the Air India bombing.

At 5:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, following me around in an unmarked car and loosing me because I did a U'ie

At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure it would shatter your justice system if all of a sudden somebody keeps calling your very ill wife and keeps talking her into giving papers over because they know where she and her family are. Remember "nobody ever said that she did call the Chinese Embassy -there was no phone record- no proof"

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At 7:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That all sounded pretty fishy and like some strange police work.
Why would a seemingly comfortable middle class woman with kids try to sell a national secret for just 100 000 Dollars. Its not that much money if you think of it.
If she was ill what was the RCPM thinking anyway. There was never more, all went hush hush and she only got probation in Gemany for a couple years for a crime that is suppose to have a minimum of 15 years to life.

What really happen to her and who gave her the order to translate...
Still many open questions.

The submarines weapons system was sold to India by the German President...

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